DiskBoost is a simple but very useful system utility to enhance system speed
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DiskBoost is a simple but very useful system utility, which helps the users in speeding up the hard-disk related tasks on their computers. DiskBoost accomplishes this task by creating virtual disks in the computer's RAM (Random Access Memory). As the Ram is much faster compared to the hard disk, the computer experiences a performance enhancement in carrying out data transfer and data access operations. DiskBoost creates a Virtual RAM disk in the system memory, which enables fast disk operations and instant file access. A main advantage of using the DiskBoost application is that it can also effectively protect the user data by providing easy automatic encryption for data that get stored in the Virtual RAM disks. There are mainly two techniques which the program makes use of. The first one is the 'write through' technique and the other one is the 'delayed write'. The DiskBoost application is compatible with almost all commonly used versions of Microsoft Windows such as Windows 98, 2000, Me, NT and XP.

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